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Dear HUMOR members:

This is a traffic report for the HUMOR list. Contributors receive a
report each week, so they can gauge the amount of traffic. Once a
month I send this report to readers, too. Contributors agree to
support the list goal of a maximum daily average of 20.0 posts. Last
week we averaged 17.6 posts per day. We also include a clear subject
label and a sensitivity warning when there is possible offense.

I continue to invite list readers to register as contributors. You can
request the *Contributor's Guide* by sending the command GET HUMOR
GUIDE to the LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU address. After reading that
document, you will need to send me numbered answers (one of which
includes an opportunity to present a bit of humor--testing your
ability to write an appropriate subject line). There is no expectation
that contributors post on a regular basis.

If you receive HUMOR at a commercial, military, or government site,
please be prudent with whom and how you share our humor. Your
immediate supervisor should approve of your subscription. There are
humorless people embedded in our bureaucracies. If you subscription to
HUMOR is not supported by your supervisor, you can download HUMOR LOGs
from our archives without having to be a subscriber. You can be a
contributor without being a HUMOR subscriber (However, you must be on
HUMOR's contributor's list).

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Here is the current weekly traffic report:

         Traffic Report for HUMOR, 28 August-3 September
              (Number of articles posted each day)

                  4 Weeks   3 Weeks    2 Weeks   1 Week     Last
Date   Day          Back      Back      Back      Back      Week

 28  Sunday           5         8        17        11        14
 29  Monday          24        17        19        24        30
 30  Tuesday         27        25        23        19        20
 31  Wednesday       25        29        18        27        19
  1  Thursday        23        34        19        13        11
  2  Friday          14        29        12        16        13
  3  Saturday         7        19         7        12        16

  Averages          17.9      23.0      16.4      17.4      17.6

Subscriptions      3,347     3,378     3,332     3,334     3,349
Countries            51        51        49        50        50
Contributors        336       353       356       364       362

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Bit of humor from Abraham Lincoln:

   Lincoln, who grew up on the frontier and self-educated, was a self-
conscious man, especially about his physical appearance. Once when he
dropped in at a meeting of Republican editors in Decatur, Illinois
 he said he was a sort of
interloper, and told of a woman on horseback meeting a man riding a
horse on a narrow trail. The woman stopped her horse, looked the man
over, and broke out, "Well, for the land's sake, you are the homeliest
man I ever saw!" The man replied, "Yes, ma'am, but I can't help that,"
and the woman replied, "No, I suppose not, but you might stay at

  One more. As Richard Oglesby, a Lincoln supporter, had visited
England, was once telling how he saw the British queen at a reception,
how the queen looked, what she wore, how she spoke and carried
herself, Lincoln put in a question, asking Oglesby with a grave face,
"Are we to infer that you have a speaking acquaintance with Queen

Bill Edwards, HUMOR listowner, BEDWARDS@UGA.BITNET (
To subscribe send LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU the command SUB HUMOR Call-
name FamilyName. A command goes in the 1st line of the message field.
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