Traffic Report for June 1994

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Dear HUMOR members:

This is a traffic report. I send one out to our contributors each week
so they can gauge the amount of traffic. Once a month I send this
report to readers, too. All contributors agree to support the list goal
of a maximum daily average of 20.0 posts. Since we created the contri-
butor's list, HUMOR hasn't had a higher average than 17 posts per day for
a given week.

I continue to invite list readers to register as contributors. You can
request the *Contributor's Guide* by sending the command GET HUMOR
GUIDE to the LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU address. After reading that
document, you will need to send me numbered answers (one of which
includes an opportunity to present a bit of humor--testing your ability
to write an appropriate subject line). There is no expectation that
contributors post on a regular basis.

If someone posts a particularly enjoyable piece of humor, please write
them a private complimentary note.

When I receive "mailbox full" or "unable to deliver" error mesages, I
set your mail option to INDEX. When I receive an "user unknown" error
message, I delete your address. Since reading and acting on error
messages is a time-consuming job for a listowner, it is necessary to
reduce or stop such error messages.  Should you find yourself at the
wrong end of such action, please contact your local mail manager to
determine if there is a local problem. Once you determine that the
problem has been resolved, please re-set your mail option or

Probably the best way to read HUMOR is to read it in a DIGEST format.
Usually, once a day, you will receive a file of all HUMOR articles
contributed during the past 24 hours. To set your mail option to
DIGEST, send the command SET HUMOR DIGEST (in the first line of the
text field; no subject line needed) to LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU address.

The listowner take about a hour each day (when he is in town) to
resolve error messages and act on user's requests. Be paitent when he
doesn't respond promptly. Please learn to use the listserver's
automatic commands. Bill can send you instructions for the most common
listserve commands.
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Here is the current weekly traffic report:

Traffic Report for HUMOR (Number of articles posted each day)

                 4 Weeks   3 Weeks   2 Weeks    1 Week     Last
        Day        Back      Back      Back      Back      Week

     Sunday          7        15         4         8         3
     Monday         11        23        19        19        22
     Tuesday        14        13        17        23        13
     Wednesday      19        25        18        16        21
     Thursday       19        18        27        23        20
     Friday         16        23        19        15        22
     Saturday        5         5         6         9         5

Averages           13.0      17.4      15.7      16.1      15.1

Direct subscriptions: 3036 52 countries

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Obligatory humor:

A hobo knocked on the kitchen door asking for some lunch. He had been
doing some odd jobs for the lady of the house that morning.

The lady comes to the door and looks out at the back yard. "And did you
notice that big pile of wood over there?"

"Yeah, I seen it," the hobo said wearily.

"Mind your grammar," snapped the lady, "You should say you saw it."

"Lady, you saw me see it, but you aint' seen me saw it."

Bill Edwards, HUMOR listowner, BEDWARDS@UGA.BITNET (
To subscribe send LISTSERV@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU the command SUB HUMOR Call-
name FamilyName. A command goes in the 1st line of the message field.
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