The Humor List Postings for March 1994

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1st of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File

  1. joke
  2. Isms
  3. a little divorce humor
  4. Wright/Caveman/Religion Defs (Adult Language)
  5. Bobbit warnings (may be uncomfortable to men)
  6. Re: Finals
  7. Re: Wright/Caveman/Religion Defs (Adult Language)
  8. HUMOR: red riding hood (offensive to wolves, some language)
  9. 50 Fun Things To Do At a Final Exam That Does Not Matter (Volume 2 of 2)
  10. NO MORE MR.NICESHOES Pt. 1 <clean/bizzare>
  12. joke
  13. Whatch what you wish for, you might get it(religion bashing)
  14. Religion - mild
  15. HUMOR: (offensive to lesbians and dinosaurs)
  16. Results of the Mayoral Race in Tulsa Oklahoma and a Joke (o
  17. Top Ten List for 2/28/94
  18. Life 3.N A collection of clean humor gathered on: 1 Nov 88 20
  19. Another Rel. Def. (variation)
  20. more sh*t stuff...
  21. jesus! jesus! jesus!-- offensive to some
  22. Religionism Annoying to those who dont read their daily mail
  23. Fundamentalism
  24. Non-religious isms
  25. Chastity belt
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2nd of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. another ism
  2. Laughter is really the best medicine
  3. Addr: 2 jokes, both clean
  4. Re: joke and request
  6. Shipwrecked !
  7. Place names (was Quals, and parents to China)
  8. Cryonics--is it a religion?
  9. Quakerism
  10. Jesus (again)
  11. some more Steven Wright
  12. Another Punny Joke
  13. Uncl: Joke (offensive to Martin L. King and David Koresh)
  14. Inquiry?
  16. good, clean pun
  17. Catholics may not enjoy-rated PG-13
  18. Architects
  19. Offensive to gay/lesbians - mildly offensive language
  20. Re: Lights Out
  21. Yet More -isms (sigh).
  22. request & dumb joke
  23. Racy Joke -- General Comment
  24. isms of religions
  25. safe hardware jokes
  26. offensive language
  27. Re: Racy Joke -- General Comment
  29. Life 3.O A collection of clean humor gathered on: 1 Nov 88
  30. steven Wright Joke
  31. Funny news article - true!
  32. Top Ten List for 3/1/94
  33. Architects
  34. More insurance comedy
  35. Amishism
  36. Humor: contradictory words <amusing to word lovers>
  37. WS Gilbert
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3rd of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Superman Joke (Mildly Sexual)
  2. Humor: Insults for Twits <Best-of-Usenet>
  3. Bobbit Joke
  4. Great thought on laughter
  5. MORE ISMs
  6. Crashing in Africa
  7. More Caveman.
  8. More from Asimov Laughs Again
  9. Political humor (mild)
  10. Fry saga/satire continues:
  11. Politics - clean
  12. Snow Diary (Offensive language)
  13. Computer humour by children
  14. <No Subject Given>
  15. more Steven Wright
  16. Could be offensive to some
  17. Re: more Steven Wright
  18. Yiddish humor
  19. isms
  20. Russian Joke
  21. may be offensive to easily offended people
  22. Lights Out speculation
  23. s--- happens
  24. The only -isms I will ever submit. I promise.
  25. <No Subject Given>
  26. Another Bobbitt joke
  27. Yet more -isms
  28. Top Ten List for 3/2/94
  29. Yet ANOTHER chain letter (*WARNING*)
  30. more sh** happens
  31. Math Humor: VonNeumann & Weiner anecdote <Math knowledge>
  32. Will Rogers-ism (political)
  33. Sensitive to guys
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4th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. More Taco Bell
  2. Re: Inquiry?
  3. Offensive to Mussolini
  4. Misspelling of the day
  5. mildly offensive to homosexuals
  6. 2 More World Religions & WARNING
  7. About the Head lights.
  8. Even more "Sh*t Happens"...
  9. A propos de Toto (fwd)
  10. offensive to revival meetings but clean
  11. tunes for a musical condom
  12. Nancy Kerrigan
  13. variations - pc/wife differences mildly obscene
  14. limerick
  15. Triple Pun (clean)
  16. Mother-in-law story...
  17. Another Smurf Joke (Offensive to African Americans)
  18. superman (reproductively motivated)
  19. Bathroom joke
  20. chicken
  21. lesbians
  22. Re: Nancy Kerrigan
  23. Well-hung lawyer (PG)
  24. airplane
  25. yet another ism...
  26. Top Ten List 3/3/94
  27. Some Christian Humor
  28. Devils Dictionary of Literary Terms
  29. Fake letters to the editor - National Lampoon
  30. Devils Dictionary of Literary Terms
  31. More NOTW and a Yiddish joke
  32. Re[2]: tunes for a musical condom
  33. Vampire joke
  34. From "Truly Tasteless Humor"
  35. sex and a riddle
  36. Scary Woman
  37. Why the Ethernet (Internet, Bitnet, etc..) Is Like a Penis
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5th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Re: tunes for a musical condom
  2. VATICAN DEAL; maybe offensive to KFC and Roman Catholics(?)
  3. Riddle: the way home
  4. Offensive to Michael Jackson......
  5. offensive to schizophreniacs
  6. Math Humor: Parody of mathematical proof
  7. Re: Sensitive to guys
  8. More Shi*
  9. Possible offensive to gays and native americans
  10. Re: Offensive to Michael Jackson......
  11. "Timely" LA humor: G-rated
  12. More "Truly Tasteless Jokes"
  13. Hell
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6th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Airline passengers: account in Hong Kong newspaper
  2. Ill bet you didnt know.
  3. Sensitive to gays
  4. Beggar Joke, Rated G
  5. HUMOR: A puzzling fable
  6. Bobbits Phone #
  7. Frequent DIER program
  8. Superman (Will SM get together with LL? Stay tuned)
  9. trying to compile a list...
  10. The Origin of the "Flashing Headlights" Myth
  11. Re: trying to compile a list...
  12. Lite look at life...and after.
  13. HUMOR: Fart jokes <crude>
  14. Re: trying to compile a list
  15. Offensive to Miamians
  16. news clippings
  17. smurf joke/little johnny
  18. warning sexual content
  19. Nun joke
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7th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Vampires
  2. Math humor: Engineer, physicist, and mathematician joke
  3. The UNSUBSCRIBE Awards!
  4. clean joke
  5. May be offensive to (Protestant) Bishops
  6. list
  7. Fake letters to the editor - National Lampoon
  8. Re: Tunes for a musical condom
  9. (Fwd) Todays Cyber-Sleaze Report
  10. superman III:vagaries of science
  11. Clean humor from "Japan Today"
  13. Clean Story
  14. National Lampoon letters; Unsubscribe awards
  15. Re: "Are You Being Served" limerick
  16. Rude HUMOR: (1) Bill & Hillary; (2) Newfie jokes
  17. HUMOR: A long and healthy life <poem>
  18. unsubscribe awards
  19. tonya jokes
  20. OFFENSIVE-Bobbit
  21. Re: MORE LISTS
  22. Cyber-Sleaze
  23. More Cruel Jokes
  24. Best-of-usenet: Potential rapists <pc bashing>
  25. Computers & Kids
  26. Musical condom...
  27. Some handy insults
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8th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Re: trying to compile a list
  2. Greatest College prank
  3. Musical condom...
  4. Book Quote, Very Nasty, Very Offensive
  5. Offensive to condoms that play tunes
  6. dimwitted
  7. Adult Learning Program -- G-rated
  8. Re: list
  9. tv
  10. Sexual Humor-may be offensive
  11. program definition
  12. New York Times Story and News of the Weird
  13. Unsubscribe awards/musical comdons.
  14. Re: trying to compile a list
  15. The PLAN (or how shit happens) PG13?
  16. Re: Unsub Awards ...
  17. Unsubscribe Awards
  18. Re: Tricks
  19. Tricks or What people will do for a buck
  20. French revolution <engineer bashing>
  21. Unix celibacy command...
  22. tricks
  23. Snowman
  24. Life 3.P A collection of clean humor gathered on: 1 Nov 88
  25. Re: book quote, "R" Elephant jokes
  26. Re: Air Force And Oreo story
  27. One .... Short of a....
  28. Re: Graffitti
  29. Re: Trying to compile a list ...
  30. Superman IV (quest for sperm control)
  31. blonde jokes
  32. If an OS ran your Airplane
  33. A true story about Henry Ford
  34. anthor john wayne bobbit joke
  35. Compiling a list...
  36. Clean Joke
  37. Math humor: 2 * 2
  38. mathematician, physicist,engineer joke
  39. offensive?
  40. News Story
  41. Texans
  42. following Saras Newfie jokes...
  43. New Daylight Savings Time Plan
  44. From the Mouth of Babes....
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9th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Re: Tricks
  2. indian joke, offensive
  3. Graffiti in stalls.....
  4. Re: Unsub. awards
  5. Leper Jokes
  6. foul language
  7. Wine making
  8. Joke: Clean
  9. Re: Leper Jokes
  10. Sexually offensive to chickens
  11. Offensive to tasteful people
  12. Joke (slightly offensive)
  13. Offensive to Amish
  14. Friendly fire against HUMOR <some rude language>
  15. Guy and a chainsaw...
  16. Subscription
  17. Leprosy
  18. Offensive to tasteful people (fwd)
  19. Re: Leprosy
  20. A Bubba Joke
  21. Coop Experience
  22. Tasteless humor
  23. Bobbit *Lewd and Tasteless and sexual (sortof) joke*
  24. HUMOR: Dont miss skiing
  25. Michelangelo & Leonardo da Vinci (True historical story)
  26. leper joke
  27. (And a Joke w/nudity but no sex)
  28. Elevator odors <crude>
  29. Superman V:Babes in boyland
  30. anti chain letter
  31. A few quotes... *****Caution*****
  32. Leper Joke (Offensive to the squeamish)
  33. Being a Manly Man (3 of 3)
  34. Sorority
  35. New premium ice cream flavors
  37. yo mama
  38. Descartes joke
  39. Re: Leprosy
  40. Re: Texans
  41. May be ofensive to Italians? Some language.
  42. A quote for the day!
  43. space shuttle, tylenol and old walrus...
  44. Caveman Joke
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10th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Various clean jokes
  2. Obscure joke
  3. Re: Wine making
  4. Story of Babel according to a mathematician
  5. UNSUBSCRIBE humor
  6. Guitar player joke
  9. FW: strange specs never change or die
  10. Re: foul language
  11. Ref: Guide to Safe Fax
  12. general audiences
  13. pretty clean stuff
  14. Singing Jokes
  15. Lawyer Jokes
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11th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Clean humour from the Hong Kong newspaper
  2. Risque Flowers
  3. Compaq Wishes To Apologize For This Advertisement.
  4. Offensive To rape victims
  5. Unsub suggession + humor (cryptic statement)
  6. Another Guitar player joke + a stamp story
  8. Kiddie animal jokes <for the young at heart>
  9. Funny News Headlines
  10. Country Music . . .
  11. One for you baseball fans
  12. travelling-salesman-type joke (adult subject matter)
  13. Inbred Jokes
  14. odd thoughts
  15. netiquette - Dear Emily Postnews
  16. World War II Joke
  17. Re: She was only a ...daughter... mildly offense to some
  19. Music and Religion
  20. Wrigley Field
  21. unwritten book titles...
  22. grasshopper joke
  23. Vampires
  24. Tonya Song (Clean)
  26. A priest joke
  27. possibly religous offense
  28. old polish joke (clean)
  29. FW: Believe it or not
  30. "Their Way"--inoffensive except to dour academics
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12th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  2. Re: FUNNY SAYINGS (Clean)
  3. Clean - kids and inspectors
  4. Items for the list
  5. Gay Joke
  6. Pyramid for married men
  7. School room math jokes
  8. Banana storage (clean, I swear)
  9. Ode to the Spelling Checker
  10. Odd Thoughts: Last night I....
  11. country music
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13th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Spy Humor--G rated
  2. Bumper sticker -clean
  3. Humor: An effective law which has stood the test of time
  4. offensive to bulls?
  5. HUMOR: Business card for guy to give gal <crude>
  7. perverted poem, offensive to birds
  8. Road signs
  9. Wonderful Wyoming! (Not offensive)
  10. Offensive to those with weak stomach
  11. Clinton Joke - OFFENSIVE to Clinton Supporters.
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14th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Worse puns of 1982 & The New Improved HUMOR list still coming
  2. Possibly offensive to those who absolutely love Bill or absolutely hate Hillary....
  3. Humor: Stories about bodies
  4. three legged pig
  5. From the Daily Collegian
  6. Couple of farmer sayings...
  7. Boom! (Nonoffensive
  8. FUNNY SAYINGS (Some are R-rated)
  9. offensive to women, .... er is that to men
  10. Tourists thoughts on Heathrow mortar attacks
  11. FW: News from the UK
  12. Re: Road signs
  13. engineer, scientist joke
  14. Ph.D.; Womens view
  15. More road signs
  16. zen humor (clean)
  17. Weird Road Signs (clean)
  18. Roadsigns
  19. Re: Roadsigns
  20. More road signs
  21. Another STUPID roadsign
  22. Road signs
  23. Bad puns
  24. I am compiling a list:
  25. Weird signs?
  26. Roadsigns -Reply
  27. signs, signs, everywhere signs
  28. irritation
  29. The Farmer Sayings
  30. road signs
  31. ornament <offensive to wives>
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15th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Vegetable Joke
  2. Old Country Humor (PG) Berton Corson
  3. Clip clop bang (offensive to plagiarists)
  4. road sign
  5. Road signs, cont.
  6. strange signs
  7. A Joke for the Approaching Change in Seasons--Possibly Offensive to the Elderly
  8. Funny signs.
  9. Re: strange signs
  10. road signs
  11. Clean humor
  12. Sign that never was
  14. More strange signs.
  15. Off the road signs
  16. Funny Road Signs
  17. Humor: Roaches are good food <poem>
  18. Funny names---May be offensive
  19. more signs
  20. Gender bashing
  21. signs
  22. Asteroids?
  23. brial signs
  24. sea captains (clean)
  25. Humor: Doctor, lawyer, mathematician joke
  26. My all-time favorite
  27. funny names
  28. HIgher education degree requirements
  29. Spelling Bee (PG)
  30. More of those cwazy signs
  31. Puns -boat name contest
  32. signs
  33. Re: road sign
  34. Clinton aide in trouble
  35. contains vulgarity, offensive to elderly....
  36. Another bad joke/riddle (Shouldnt be offensive..)
  37. Re: road signs
  38. Jokes (may be offensive to the truly religious)
  39. A Phone call (non-offensive)
  40. Joke about an elderly man getting married
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16th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. sayings <one is anti-gay>
  2. more road signs
  3. The Bank Scam Joke
  4. Re: Jokes (may be offensive to the truly religious)
  5. kinda funny letter
  6. O say how well does that piano fly?
  7. HUMOR: cute wedding story & the new improved HUMOR list
  8. PG13: Slightly offensive
  9. Rabbit jokes
  10. Humor: Polish mathematician joke <cute, but knowledge of math needed>
  11. <No Subject Given>
  12. Possible Ethnic Slur
  13. HUMOR: Whitewater cartoon <American politics>
  14. Yet More Unsubscribe Humor
  15. Squirrel and a Horse (could be rude...)
  16. Re: Road Signs
  17. Road Signs
  19. Re: Puns, Boat Name Contest
  20. Road Sign Humor
  21. Re: May be offensive to you
  22. Offensive to Men
  23. languaje reforms (clean but messy to understand).
  24. Why Ask Why?
  25. A Day in Superville <risque>
  26. A Field Exercise <risque>
  27. Conflicting signs
  28. Mis - Communications (Clean)
  29. Miscellaneous shorts (mild sexual content)
  30. Road Signs (sort of)
  31. Rabbit Jokes (shouldnt be offensive)
  32. Re: Offensive to Men
  34. Joke about Kids (clean) and rantings
  35. Top Ten List for 3/15/94
  36. a waitress joke
  38. Jokes(could be offensive to the sexually shy)
  39. Clean: Burma shave signs and more odd road signs.
  40. Humor definition, 7-11, Programmers
  41. FW: joke possibly offensive to somebody (dont know who)
  42. ten-ants (fwd)
  43. Offensive to morticians
  44. Re: A Field Exercise
  46. (Clean) Doctor Visit
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17th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Funny Folk (G rated)
  2. Re: Flying Pianos
  3. Farm Joke [G...kinda]
  4. Eye doctor (Nothing offensive, some bad language..)
  5. drinking and driving
  6. the rules - offensive to women
  7. First post - funny signs
  8. a cute kiddie joke about bears
  9. Clipper Chip (amusing, clean, but not hilarious)
  10. Offensive to Americans
  11. Fake letters to the editor - National Lampoon
  12. Four Priests (only offensive to the ultra-sensitive).
  13. Religious, may be offensive
  14. <No Subject Given>
  15. A short line (Ofensive to Homosexuals)
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18th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Clean excerpts from the press incl. one on women
  2. Top o th morn
  3. visit the shrink (clean), M.Jackson joke (yes another one
  4. Some Gems from Milton Berle
  5. An astronomer and a Limo driver converse.....
  6. HUMOR: Humor about cats
  7. St. Pats Day Joke
  8. Sexual Humor at Disney; Sagan humor
  10. HUM: Clinton & the IRS (CLEAN)
  11. Humor: Irish drinking joke <repent> :-)
  12. sexual humor; adult language
  13. IRA humor - doubtless offensive
  14. may offend Irish and/or gays
  15. Top Ten List for 3/16/94
  16. Clinton Health Plan Joke
  17. Life 3.Q A collection of clean humor gathered on: 2 Nov 88
  18. Another List: Riting good
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19th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  2. Humor: Remembrance of things to come <bittersweet poem>
  3. more Irish humor (possibly offensive to the wearers of the green)
  4. Farmer joke, offensive to those who like good humor
  5. Catholic Hospital Joke <cute>
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20th of March Topics of the day:
Txt file - in previous Digest
Zip File - in previous Digest
HTML file - in previous Digest
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21st of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. The religion shit list.
  2. Sex Education, may be offensive to elderly couples
  4. a riddle and a late St. Pats joke
  5. Life 3.Q A collection of clean humor gathered on: 2 Nov 88
  6. From Entertainment Weekly
  7. Humor: Knowledge pills
  8. Custom coffins!!
  9. Dolly Parton (Clean)
  10. clean
  11. Stupid jokes (Offensive to gays)
  12. Tonya, Pro-Wrestler? (True!)
  13. Request.
  14. Another farmer joke, hopefully better than the last
  15. Wash. Post Invitational Challenge (PG rated)
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22nd of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. May be offensive to religious ones
  2. A clean prayer for the mature
  3. From the Daily Collegian
  4. Humor: Transvestite jokes <gross, tasteless>
  5. sexual/language
  6. Kids in church (cute)
  7. Hunting Joke (Long but Funny)
  8. Elementary Mathematics (porbably not PC)
  9. Rated G, one bad word
  10. Humor out of the mouths of babes (inoffensive)
  11. How your university can assign grades.....
  12. a dog named sex (PG)
  13. Bad abortion jokes<offensive to prolifers and czecholslavakians>
  14. OLDIE: Stress.
  15. acid & jack daniels what a combination...
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23rd of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Best Pickup Lines
  2. rabbit-clean
  3. offensive to bunnies
  4. Humor: Important question :-)
  5. Humor from academe: Physics, Math & Philosophy Budgets
  6. Offensive to men (sorry guys)
  7. Interpretations - clean
  8. Top 10 Aphorisms
  9. Off-Like List <mild>
  10. Life 3.R A collection of clean humor gathered on: 21 Nov 88
  11. Flood story (possibly offensive to religious)
  12. HOW TO BE ANNOYING (part 2) -- clean
  13. Top Ten Lists for 3/17/94 (12/13/93) and 3/18/94 (12/1/93)
  14. New computer virus... (PG)
  15. Top Ten Lists for 3/17/94 (12/13/93) and 3/18/94 (12/1/93)
  16. Offensive to Bill & Hillary
  17. Childrens Thoughts on Love (Rated G)
  18. Wanted: Pickup Lines
  19. Top Ten Lists for 3/21/94 and 3/22/94
  20. <No Subject Given>
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24th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. FW: send a message to everyone on the internet
  2. What would TV have been like if the techno revolution hit sooner...
  3. bank - F word
  4. Life 3.R A collection of clean humor gathered on: 21 Nov 88
  5. Gassy Elephant
  6. Rated PG13 - Sexually suggestive
  7. Top Ten List for 3/23/94
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25th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. sports quotes & jokes (clean)
  2. Wanted: More Answering Machine Recordings
  3. Monty Python
  4. Anwering Machines part1/x (clean)
  5. Tax declaration (clean)
  6. Oh no! more answer machines!
  7. definition-clean
  8. Racist - very
  9. What the country is talking about this week... <derisive>
  10. More On Committees (subversive)
  11. Real Live Newspaper Headlines:
  12. How to practice safe fax....
  13. Profane
  14. Budget Cuts (clean)
  15. The pope (perhaps offensive to the religiously zealous?)
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26th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Monty Python - "Sit On My Face"
  2. Monty Python - "Sperm"
  3. Better; Junk Mail; Strep
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27th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. a funny quote from TV Guide
  2. Clean riddles for kids of all ages
  3. Mouse Balls - Funny!
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28th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. machine answering recording part2 (67 lines)
  2. Ich bin
  3. racist - mild
  4. Proof Techniques (perhaps offensive to logic)
  5. More answering machine messages
  6. Number Five (clean)
  7. Riddles for kids of all ages
  8. Fable -- innocuous
  9. Pope Products (Part II)
  10. Long-distance trip (clean)
  11. Computer sayings
  12. Graphic, Sophomoric, Bovine Humor
  13. Dirty Joke
  14. Bad jokes
  15. Rush vs. the Hindenburg (Offensive to Limbaugh fans)
  16. Monty Python - Dull/Ugly
  17. Monty Python - The Meaning of Life
  18. FW: Avoiding a radar trap
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29th of March Topics of the day:
Txt File
Zip File
  1. Extracts from the press
  2. machine answerings part3 (89 lines)
  3. Humor: Childs prayer
  4. From the Daily Collegian
  5. If first...
  6. clean
  7. Kids jokes
  8. Offensive to Management
  9. Riddles for kids of all ages
  10. The non-balance-sheet blues (racy)......
  11. Humor from Mexico & a note for potentila contributors
  12. Answering Machine Rap
  13. Crude - may offend some men
  14. Life 3.S A collection of clean humor gathered on: 21 Nov 88
  15. SHAGGY!!!
  16. Theres no joke like an old joke....
  17. Top Ten List for 3/28/94
  18. OLDIE: Calvin and Hobbes
  19. Top Ten Lists for 3/24/94 (9/27/93) and 3/25/94 (1/5/94)
  20. Humor about engineer, physicist, and mathematician
  21. Redneck Redux (poss. offensive, but doubtful)
  22. Murphys Laws on Sex (long)
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30th of March Topics of the day:
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  1. clean fun and sports!
  2. A bit unclean
  3. First one clean , second one crude
  4. About the author
  5. Fortune Teller
  6. Warning - adult theme - possibly offensive!!
  7. HUMOR: Man from Singapore <nonsense poem>
  8. Dishwashers & Dawn <clean>
  9. Springtime angst (occassional expletive)
  10. Shooting craps, the dice (Crude)
  11. may offend Nancy Kerrigan
  12. Humor with a message from early almanacs
  13. fighting back
  14. wretched pun
  15. Dumb Fishermen joke
  16. Life 3.T A collection of clean humor gathered on: 21 Nov 88
  17. Top Ten List for 3/29/94
  18. OLDIE: Dave Barry on Electricity.
  19. offensive to gays
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31st of March Topics of the day:
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  1. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted - 1 clean, 1 crude
  2. Ida moon (fwd, clean)
  3. Riddles for kids of all ages
  4. Neiman Marcus/genetic engineerin
  5. Things to know while traveling in the Middle East (offensive to the Middle East!)
  6. Electrical question/clean
  7. Offensive to teachers
  8. Feminine Hygiene
  9. Tired of working? Here are some tips...
  10. The Clipper Chip Theme Song
  11. Humor about loaning money from early almanacs
  12. I cant believe your that stupid
  13. Top Ten List for 3/30/94
  14. Top 10 Sexually tilted lines from "Star Wars"
  15. condom joke--maybe offensive
  16. Humor about physicist, mathematician, and engineer
  17. Humor: The elephant and the naked man
  18. Re: Electrical question/clean
  19. Jerry Seinfeld and a Blond Joke <blnd joke, probably offensive>
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